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Category : Multimedia

24 May 2021
20 Jul 2020

The Rising Seas of West Point Liberia

As a documentary photographer I traveled to West Point Liberia to document the rising sea levels, 2020. These images show the damage of the sea pushing the people of West Point out of the peninsular.

09 Nov 2015

Climate Voices Sinking Sundarbans

Climate Voices Sinking Sundarbans multimedia was made by Elaine Hill at Greenpeace International and was presented at the Copenhagen climate summit.

09 Nov 2015

Cerrado | Transformations and Frontiers

A multimedia presentation which was made by graphic artist Cris Aoki for scientists and Cerrado savannah specialists before the Cerrado conference in Brazil.

09 Nov 2015

Exploring the Jharia coal situation in India

To accompany the essay ‘The Living Inferno’ multimedia made by graphic artist Cris Aoki.

09 Nov 2015

The Disappearing Cerrado, Brazil

Peter Caton commentary for the Guardian about his environmental work on the Cerrado savannah in Brazil. Multimedia compiled by Eric Hilaire at the Guardian.