After the Storm

The impact of climate change

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After the Storm.

Scientific results indicate that climate change causes hurricanes and tropical storms with the warmer atmosphere also resulting in an increased number of storms. There will also be added problems with an increase in coastal and inland flooding. Records indicate that since 1970 there has not only been in increase in the number of these storms but also an increase in their intensity and duration. Recent results show that there are now more storms with a higher wind speed which are more destructive and last longer. As these storms are believed to be associated with sea surface temperatures an increase in storm intensity and climate change are strongly connected.

I have documented a number of major storms since 2007. It is part of my long-term documentation on climate related storms and when I feel it is fully comprehensive then it will be released as a book and traveling exhibition. Special thanks to UNICEF, WFP, Help Aged International, Care International, Oxfam, Tearfund and Greenpeace for allowing me to publish the work so far.