Brazil – Urban Organic Farming.

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  • 21st May 2024
  • Location: Brazil

Brazil – Urban Gardens, Composting and Food Waste.

In Brazil, food is an extremely important part of their culture and day to day lives. Farmers are feeling that more people are supporting them and they, in turn, are happy to provide healthy, nutritious food to schools and markets.

There are projects including ‘Cities without Hunger’ that encourages community involvement with growing their own food, composting and promoting contact with nature in an otherwise sprawling, urban landscape.

Composting is a growing trend to tackle food waste issues and encourage community education. A progressive solution to food waste started in 2012 in Sao Paolo with the Eldorado Shopping Mall. They have a composting project which tackles the huge problem of the 400lbs of food that would otherwise be thrown away every day. Instead, this waste is turned into compost in a spectacular roof garden where employees can then pick their own herbs and vegetables.

There is a high level of emissions from food waste that is dumped into landfills every day. This can be avoided and by local projects explaining this and creating innovative projects, people are learning to change their habits.

The ecological farming movement is certainly developing across the Brazil as I visited many farms practising ecological principles. Also featured are seed exchanges, schools, markets, cooking workshops, and popular restaurants that support local farmers and seasonal food.

As people in Brazil realise the impact of industrial agriculture on the environment and water supplies, following recent droughts, farmers are also more aware of the advantages of ecological farming.




























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